Who we are

Banque Casino is a financial services organization since 2001.Now equally owned by Crédit Mutuel-CIC and Casino, Banque Casino has developed a range of financial products (Credit Cards, credit and insurance solutions…) within the entire Casino points of sales network.

Boosted by the experience with its partnership with Cdiscount since 2006 and its recent evolution to online banking status, Banque Casino has developed since September 2014 the possibility for customers to sign electronically their contract online for all its range of financial products.
Since February 2015, the company also offers to customers the possibility to subscribe to a Banque Casino or a Cdiscount loan, credit card or credit via a 100% full online process directly on their smartphone in just 3 steps : from the subscription to the online signature of the contract via a simplified and mobile friendly form.
From July 2015, Banque Casino is expanding its 4 times payment solution (CB4X) to new online stores such as Misterfly, 1001Pneus, Vide Dressing, Sports Aventure ...

Our module features


The module CB4X allows you to offer :

• Flexible payment solution to your customers on your online store (4 times credit card payment). Nowadays, a customer can order and pay online in full by credit card, with Paypal, etc.

• With CB4X, the customer will pay with his own credit card in 4 times (one quarter of the full order purchase every 30 days). For instance, if your customer has a basket of 200 €, he/she will be debited 50 € on the day of the online purchase, then 50€ 30 days later, another 50€ 60 days later and finally another 50€ 90 days later.


Benefits ot the solution

les avantages de CB4X pour vos clients

For your customers


  • Quick and simple to use (direct online agreement)
  • Simple payment by credit card
  • A secure solution
  • With low engagement over time
  • No additional paperwork to provide
  • Small charges

les avantages de CB4X pour les e-marchands


For you E-commercant


  • A simple solution, with no stops during the customer journey.
  • The guarantee of an increased business volume.
  • A display rate and acceptance rate both high and stable
  • A full financing within 48h after the order
  • o The bank takes liability for fraud off your platform (3DSecure), so you can focus on growing your business worry-free.

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Français (France) / French (France)


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First stable release


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You can contact us directly by email : partenairesecommerce@banque-casino.fr


Extension price : € 1499.00

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